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Summer’s God given talent began coming to light when she was only 3. That’s when she first started singing. Even at that age people recognized she had a unique gift. At just 6 years old she started playing guitar. And by 13 she was writing original compositions. Her first Christian CD was recorded at the still tender age of 16.

Her early years saw her traveling with a family gospel/bluegrass band where she used her talent to touch the hearts of audiences all across the southeast.

When she turned 20, she made the break from everything that was comfortable to pursue God’s call on her own. She played churches and prisons, anyplace she could use her gift to uplift others and bring a little peace to a broken world.

Later she would move to Nashville to network with those who were among the best, and perfect her own skills in the area of songwriting, performing, and recording.
Her ability did not go unnoticed. She has been offered multiple Record and Publishing deals. All of which she let pass in her deep desire to follow God’s perfect plan for her life.

 “My heart is in worship and being in the presence of God, and leading others  there.”  Summer Shyvonne

Summer has played all across the US in large venue concerts such as Winter Jam and Riverbend. Her resume is long and impressive. But her passion is to write and record songs that will inspire, give hope, and change lives.

Her new album is straight from the heart. She knows the struggle and pain of a path well worn. But from her pain has come inspiration. From the darkness has come a light. What was meant for her harm, God turned to good. Her songs will bring you to a place of faith and trusting your life completely into God’s hands. Her desire is that through her music and experience you’ll learn of God’s grace. That favor of God which makes us able to say in the end, it was totally “Worth the Fall”.

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